Bengal Village

Bengal Village is one of the most renowned Indian restaurants in Brick Lane. Located in East London, we constantly evolve our menu, including appetising five-star dishes made with only the finest ingredients. Our dishes are prepared with innovative and authentic Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Indian methods, which bring together tasty and authentic flavours, making us one of the best curry-house in the area. We believe in uniqueness and we ensure serving you the best. Our chef is a master of Indian cooking and some of his signature dishes include Tandooris, Massala Karai, prawn items and Balti dishes. Our generous and delicious mix of spices and marinades make the dishes authentic. Moreover, the fresh ingredients from our vendors also enhances flavours. Our beautiful interior is designed to portray creativity, love, enthusiasm and innovation in one of the most stunning dining rooms in Brick Lane. Many come to us for a range of events, from lunch meetings to dinner dates to family and friends get together. We are in business for more than 20 years and Bengal Village now is one of the best Brick Lane Indian restaurants in the area. We aimed to change Brick Lane diners’ perception of Indian cuisine in the United Kingdom. The way we have modernized our decor and our food, but maintained the traditional Indian flavours, has paved the way for a new generation of modern Indian restaurants in East London. We also offer takeaways. If you are looking to order Indian food online in Brick Lane, we are a great pick for you. Over the years the Bengal Village has received numerous awards and credits for incredible service and quality of food. We received recommended by View London, Top Table Diners, London Food & Drinks Guide, Square Meal, and accredited by Visit London as the Gem of Brick Lane. Bengal Village has also been shortlisted as one of the top 5 restaurants in Brick Lane and listed in Eats London by Eating Europe Tours, Travel & Guide Blog as a must visit restaurant. .

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